Contemporary apartments in the heart of Bristol

The Development

Re use and refurbishment is widely accepted as the most ecologically efficient method for the use of existing buildings. Number One Bristol refurbishes an existing building, extending the living space into the roof void, and includes a range of ecological and energy saving features. Number One Bristol creates  new approach to city-centre living.

Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery System

The Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery system is a very clever piece of technology, not just for your home but for your health.  It removes moisture and stale air along with odours and replaces them with fresh air to breathe. The air exchange process runs constantly in the background and is an integral feature of this well engineered building. Residents can still choose to open trickle vents with no loss of heat.

Green Wall

The green wall is the first thing one sees when entering Number One Bristol. Not only does the green wall look fantastic and bring a sense of the Sky Meadow to one’s route home, but it oxygenates the air and filters CO2.

Solar panels

An array of solar panel on the roof of the West Tower are a green, renewable energy source which feeds into the building to mitigate its power consumption.

Triple Glazed Apartments

Minimising a building’s heat-loss benefits both the owner and the environment and with the majority of apartments boasting full height openings onto the striking Bristol cityscape, one could be forgiven for harbouring concern over draughts.  Number one Bristol’s doors and windows are designed with a bespoke closing mechanism and are all triple glazed, ensuring the cold stays outside!

Sky Meadow

The Sky Meadow, a peaceful garden space 9 storeys above the hustle and bustle of the city. This area, consisting of trees, climbing plants and meadow will be an oxygen-rich oasis of brand new green-space in the very centre of Bristol. The Residents’ Lounge (a rooftop pavilion in the Sky Meadow) will have a specially designed brown roof which will be a haven for beetles, birds and butterflies.

Ground-floor landscaping

The introduction of new planting at ground floor helps to reduce air pollution and oxygenate the environment around the building.